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‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ oil painting kit – £59.95

This kit includes 40 tubes of hand mixed oil paint and will provide between 10 and 20 hours of enjoyable, relaxing painting, with a result that you will be proud to have on your wall. An intriguing and original gift or a lovely treat for yourself.

Includes FREE DELIVERY in the UK

Recent customer review!

This painting kit is amazing! You get 40 colours, three brushes in different thicknesses, the sheet and a zoomed sheet of the face. This zoomed sheet is perfect, so you can see all the little details. It took me four days to finish the painting. After one week it was dry to touch. There is so many colour left in each tube that it would easily be possible to paint another one. I totally fell in love with this painting! Vermeer was a brilliant painter! Thank you for bringing this beautiful painting on my wall! This is genius

Jacquie, Germany, July 2017

'girl with a pearl earring' painting kit
Vermeer 'girl with a pearl earring' painting by numbers being painted
Finished kit Girl with a Pearl Earring

Vermeer created this iconic image in 1665. He was a master of light and you can see this is the glow of the woman’s face and lips. The earring is considered to be unfeasibly large for a pearl and is possibly tin. ‘The girl with the tin earring’ doesn’t sound quite the same somehow! In 1881 the painting was sold at auction for the princely sum of 2 gilders 30 cents (24 euros at today’s purchasing power).

This wonderful painting is on display at the Mauritshuis in The Hague, Holland.


This kit is just so very enjoyable to paint!  Done with time and care your end result will be an oil painting to be really proud of. When finished it will look stunning on your wall – and you can tell people you painted it yourself! There is something so special about Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and making this kit was a challenge – but we think we’ve done a good job of capturing the image.

The image above is our finished kit – painted by someone who is, by no means,  an expert painter !

The kit consists of 40 tubes of artists oils and there are an additional 2 subtle shades that are achieved by mixing colours together. The original painting is 44 cm x 39 cm so our kit, which measures 42cm x 32cm, is very nearly life size.

Please note that this hand-made kit is interpretative. The paints are hand mixed and tubed and there may be a tiny shade variation in certain colours.

About our paints

We hand fill our paint tubes with the best quality oil paints

Why oil paints?

We love oil paints because they are surprisingly easy to use. They dry slowly so you can blend the edges of colours together. If you make a mistake you can wipe it off or go over it later. The colours stay fresh and vibrant for many years.

We hand mix our colours from high quality oil paints that are made in the UK. The base of the paint is refined linseed oil, with a variety of pigments. We do not use any cadmium based colours.If you’ve painted with oils before you’ll remember the distinct homely, arty linseed smell.

Our wide range of colours are carefully hand mixed to provide a subtle gradation of tones for all your picture’s requirements. We have over 22 skin tones alone and these subtle shades result in an astonishingly interesting and beautiful picture.

Using oil paints

The paints are safe to use, environmentally friendly and are easy to clean up if you have a smudge where its not supposed to be. Use kitchen towel and a little white spirit, but be careful not to get any on your clothes or soft furnishings as they may stain.

When changing from a light to dark colour you can simply wipe your brush with kitchen towel. You can even use a little vegetable oil to clean up brushes between different colours. Then gently clean brushes with washing up liquid at the end of each painting session. Thinners such as white spirit quickly remove all paint residues from your brushes, if you prefer.

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