spaniel painting from photo

A pet portrait oil painting, painted by you!

  • You send us a photo
  • We supply you with paints, brushes and everything else you need
  • Mindful and relaxing to paint
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free UK Delivery
  • £49.45 inc UK delivery for black and white 

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spaniel paint by numbers
collie paint by numbers
small dog paint by numbers
yorkshire heeler paint by numbers

What subjects work well:

  • dogs and puppies are fab- particularly cute and funny shots
  • we love dogs on beaches
  • cats, llamas, any pets really – scroll down to see the owl!
  • children and family members are also good subjects – take a look here

Your photo should be:

  • well lit on the face
  • not too much backlight
  • clear facial details
  • face filling at least 30% of picture

Phone photos are fine provided the subject is well lit

You can get more details about choosing a photo here

What next?

  • when you are sure about your photo, email it here
  • you can wait for our feedback about suitability  – or you can buy straight away here
  • we will hand-make your own personalised kit and send it out within a few days – see what’s in the kit here
  • we also have a 100% money back guarantee
I can’t think of a single negative comment to give you……

It’s a perfect likeness of my very handsome kitty cat and I enjoyed creating him so much. I found myself painting ‘just that section one more’ because I wanted him to have a nose to go with his lifelike little eye…


I've finished my Painted by You kit (of two Utonagana dogs). I'm so pleased with how it looks. Can’t wait to get it framed. Such a fantastic way to keep memories alive. I can’t stop looking at it!

Wonderful service from beginning to end.

Tracey Fellows, Staffs

My kit is truly spectacular, the detail is immense and the results are out of this world. I am seriously addicted !
Sherleen from Northumbria

I just started my Alfie and Colin masterpiece and I’m loving doing it.

This is a lovely birthday gift for the doggies’ “mum and dad”. They’ll be over the moon! I shall very likely buy another kit at some point as I have something else in mind for later.

Thank you (and eat your heart out Da Vinci)!

Susan from Bradford

I LOVED mine. I painted my boyfriends dog for his birthday and he was so pleased with the finished work!

I should also mention that I’m not a painter, the only times I’ve ever painted before were in school when forced to! So it worked wonders. Thanks!

Anna from London

Thought you may like to see how my Albert painting turned out. I am so pleased with it, far outweighs my expectations. The biggest complaint came from my mother in law, who has been known to do a bit of painting herself. When I showed it to her she laughed and said “that’s a photograph” I will be back to you soon to order another picture as I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for everything’
Alan Jones, Staffs

Chihuahuas photo for painting kit

Original photo

Meet Archie and Colin – They are Jack Russell cross Chihuahuas – Jackhuahuas!
Chihuahuas painting by number artwork

Painting kit artwork

We’ve cropped the image and removed a few items to improve the image
girl with her cat lovely photo

Faye and Lily original photo

paint by numbers in sepia tones of girl with her cat

Faye and Lily artwork as created by our designer, Lorna

customers original owl photo

Original owl photo

art work of paint by numbers owl

Owl artwork as developed by our designer, Lorna

painting by numbers of owl in progress

Owl being painted by Chris - one of our lovely customers

photo of maine coon in garden

Original photo of Maine cat

painting by numbers of lovely maine coon cat

Maine cat painting in progress- painted by a teenager