Create a wonderful memorial of your pet – in beautiful oil paints

You send us the photo and we will carefully create a ‘paint by numbers’ template of your beloved pet.

We will send you a custom painting kit that includes everything you need to create a charming pet memorial.

My dear old goldie, Jack, died shortly before we started Painted by You. This was the first kit we made and the very act of painting it brought back many happy – and sad – memories.

It was a really cathartic and therapeutic process.


My kit is truly spectacular, the detail is immense and the results are out of this world. I am seriously addicted!
Sherleen from Northumbria

I just started my Alfie and Colin masterpiece and I’m loving doing it.

This is a lovely birthday gift for the doggies’ “mum and dad”. They’ll be over the moon! I shall very likely buy another kit at some point as I have something else in mind for later.

Thank you (and eat your heart out Da Vinci)!

Susan from Bradford