Ready Made Kits

Iconic images from the world of art and cinema

  • Totally unlike any other paint by numbers available.
    These painting kits will provide hours of relaxing painting and amazing finished artworks on your wall.
  • Our painting templates are printed on specialist oil painting paper.
  • No folds to flatten.
  • A joy to paint on straight on to, no need for gesso, and easy to mount and frame.
  • No colour mixing, all the colours are mixed by us.
  • No areas that have blanks.
  • Our oil paints come in tubes rather than pots so will stay usable indefinitely.
  • Oil paints make blending a breeze as they stay wet for longer.
  • We supply enlarged sheets to refer to the fiddly bits and if you still can’t make out an area we will email an even bigger version.
  • We carefully adjust details to make sure the painting is perfect. We understand how much time and love our customers put into their paintings, and we want every minute to be a pleasure.