Personalised paint by numbers from your own photo

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  • Includes paints, brushes and everything you need
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  • So satisfying to paint
  • Custom paint by numbers for adults
  • As far as we know the only kits totally designed and produced in the UK
  • Our unique tubes of artist quality oil paints are safe, non-toxic and solvent free.

Imagine a really professional looking portrait in oils of your beloved pet – from just £49.95, with the satisfaction of painting it yourself.

Customers’ paintings and what they say

dog portrait oil painting paint by numbers

Just wanted to let you see how I got on with my dogs painting by numbers portrait after finally completing it. I was so pleased with the result that I had it professionally framed, and I have had many compliments on it. Having lost him in February this year at the age of 14 it will be a lovely reminder of him.

Kathy in Worcestershire

paint by numbers of spaniel

We love getting the kits it’s my dad who paints them all. Thanks and best wishes!

Stephanie in South Ayrshire

personalised horse portrait paint by numbers

We love getting the kits it’s my dad who paints them all. Thanks and best wishes!

Stephanie in South Ayrshire

paint by numbers of spaniel

A photo of my completed painting of my beautiful Rosa. I am so pleased with this, it’s my first attempt at painting and I was so delighted with the result. The whole process was incredibly helpful in dealing with the grief of losing her.

Helen in Worcestershire

jack russell terrier paint by numbers

French bulldogs by number!

‘I thought I would send you a photo of finished painting.I think it’s caught both their characters. Thank you. Theresa😊’. 

Theresa in Newport, UK

jack russell terrier paint by numbers
A lovely paint by numbers pet portrait of this cute Jack Russel

‘Please see attached image of the finished, framed picture of Charlie, our family pet, enjoying the sun. I really enjoyed doing it and the likeness is stunning.  It’s the first time I’ve worked with oils. Everyone who sees the finished picture is super impressed with my newfound portrait skills 😊. 
I’ve just passed your details to a friend.’
Ken in Dudley, UK


paint by numbers of Dalmatian
Here is the finished and framed painting, which is hanging in our house.  I truly enjoyed working on it, the activity was perfect for those long and lonely days during the pandemic shut-down.  Thank you for doing what you do, so that I could spend some more time with my sweet and unfortunately departed Dalmatian friend. 

Michael in Portland, USA

personalised portrait by numbers

It was perfect, I am looking into buying another two kits!

Rebecca, London


paint by numbers of couple with dachsund
This is my first painting – it took longer than expected but I’m glad I spent time on getting the detail right! I loved my first paint by numbers and would like to get another made as a gift for Christmas.

Tara in Hammersmith, London


holiday selfie paint by numbers

Thank you, I had loads of fun with the first kit, I’ve just ordered another!

“Andy on holiday in Santorini, Greece”

jack russell paint by numbers
Scamp the Jack Russell had a piece of tape in his mouth in the original photo which we removed and then created this cheeky black and white pet portrait.

Painted by Philip who is now painting his 5th pet portrait!

boxer dog pet portrait paint by numbers
This is Emma’s second oil painting by numbers kit, which she bought after being given her first. She has done a great job of painting this wonderful character pet portrait
paint by numbers of couple dancing
I love your painting kits! The picture of my parents turned out great – they now think I’m some talented artist despite me explaining that it is painting by numbers! 

Rebecca, in Camberwell, London

A paint by numbers of Hever Castle
I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of doing it and now just to frame it, and you were right the paint does go a long way! I will definitely be getting another one soon!

Chloe in South Yorkshire


A paint by numbers of Hever Castle
I can hardly believe this is a paint by numbers … And I made the painting kit! Our regular customer explains how he ended up with such an amazing painting of Hever Castle…
…Please see the attached pic of my recent painting.
As you know I like to tinker and work the painting until i’m satisfied. Spent weeks painting the pond grass and all the trees as per my original pic. The castle I painted was almost completed brick by brick.Hope you like it.
Chris, in Blackpool UK
We won’t pretend that everyone can reach this level of painting detail and accuracy but our painting kits do really help!


paint by number painting of sunset through trees
I have really enjoyed all the kits. I’m not an artist but but find painting great fun and love the results. Your customer service is excellent – prompt and well organised and the kits are amazing and enable a non-artist like me to produce paintings I never thought possible. I’m working on Whistlejacket and planning the next one! Thank you for this wonderful hobby. I really like working with oils as they are so easy to use and I get a great result every time.

Michelle, in Harrow UK

paint by numbers of bearded collie pet portrait
My son gave me the kit as a present, having just finished it here is the end result. A great big thank you to all who made this possible. Our beardie is now getting to be an old boy as he is 12 years old, it is great to have a lasting image of him. It was a relaxing to do, can I even say great for mindfulness thanks, Carol

Carol, in Cumbria UK

collie dog painted by numbers
Loved doing it and I did another one for a friend’s leaving present.

Emma in Cirencester UK

NEW! Fantastic photo enhancing

Now you can create an amazing painting from an indistinct photo. Fantastic for vintage photos – send us your photo and we can let you know how it will look as a painting.

vintage photo enhanced for paint by numbers
Custom painting by numbers kit held by customer who painted it
‘So … Here’s the finished portrait at last. I am so thrilled with the end result and everyone who has seen it  has remarked on what a brilliant idea this is. It really doesn’t look like a ‘painting by numbers’ kit. In fact, two friends thought it was an enlarged photograph. I loved doing it and shall be doing another, without any doubt. Thank you.’

Susan D, Bradford, West Yorks

Customer's memorial painting by numbers portrait of parents
‘This was a hard picture to paint in the sense both mum and dad passed away last year. I could not believe how well this came out, the look on people’s faces when they saw it, and I said painted it was priceless. So life like. Customer Services is better than exellent, they seem to bend over backwards to help, thank you so much.’
Wendy J, Port Talbot
customised paint by numbers of black terrier
‘Teddie is at last finished and framed. Thought you might like to have a photo. We have another black dog so I may be back to you quite soon for a kit to paint her. Many thanks again.’
Lucy M, East Sussex
two brothers customised painting by number
I just wanted to thank you for setting up my painting for me! It’s always been my favourite picture of my horse. I never dreamed I could paint it! It’s perfect. I will be in touch soon for my next one! Much thanks

Angela H, Isle of Wight

our customer painted her two labradors using our unique paint by numbers kits
My kit is truly spectacular, the detail is immense and the results are out of this world. I am seriously addicted!

Sherleen from Northumbria

I've finished my Painted by You kit (of two Utonagana dogs).
‘I’ve finished my Painted by You kit (of two Utonagana dogs). I’m so pleased with how it looks. Can’t wait to get it framed. Such a fantastic way to keep memories alive. I can’t stop looking at it! Wonderful service from beginning to end.’
Tracey F, Staffs
personalised paint by numbers of Albert the bull dog
‘Thought you may like to see how my Albert painting turned out. I am so pleased with it, far outweighs my expectations. The biggest complaint came from my mother in law, who has been known to do a bit of painting herself. When I showed it to her she laughed and said “that’s a photograph” I will be back to you soon to order another picture as I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for everything’
Alan J, Staffs
customer holding finished oil painting portrait painted by numbers
‘Took me one full day to complete my masterpiece. I just couldn’t put the paint brush down. It was so addictive once I got going!’

Karen xx

customised oil paint by numbers of two friends. "relaxing and fun to paint".

“I did one of these ages ago and I had forgotten how relaxing and how much fun they are to paint. I gave the finished painting to my friend for her birthday – she loves it!’
Ruby, South London

tango portrait painted by numbers
It’s what I would call strangely addictive, once you begin to paint you just don’t want to stop because all those little lines and spaces begin to transform and it all starts to make sense. I’m really pleased with it, I think Toms’ parents will love it.’ (Original photo credit Ivo Chauveau).
Kate Allen, London
“I don’t know what I am going to do with my spare time now… It was really therapeutic and very addictive!!! I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future. Here is my finished, framed painting… Ian loves it (thank goodness)! Thank you again for a thoroughly enjoyable project.”
Tracey F, East Sussex
Well what can I say! I can’t tell you how much fun I had doing this! It’s totally addictive! As I was painting I was running through all the other photos that I could paint, and who I could do them for! I happily lost hours and hours as they just disappeared into the painting!’
Julia in Copenhagen

“My husband loved the kit I bought him for Christmas… I have also passed on your name to a work colleague and I will order a kit for my mums dog. Thanks!”
This painting kit is amazing! You get 40 colours, three brushes in different thicknesses, the sheet and a zoomed sheet of the face. This zoomed sheet is perfect, so you can see all the little details. It took me four days to finish the painting. After one week it was dry to touch. There is so many colour left in each tube that it would easily be possible to paint another one. I totally fell in love with this painting! Vermeer was a brilliant painter! Thank you for bringing this beautiful painting on my wall! This is genius

Jacquie, Germany, July 2017

painting by numbers self portrait created with a painted by you kit


Imagine being able to paint a realistic and professional looking oil painting of your loved ones. Using a ‘painted by you’ kit, and with a little care and patience, you can! Our kits are a sort of new and improved ‘painting by numbers’.
lovely old golden retriever painted from photo


Send us your favourite photo and we will create your unique painting kit, with everything you need included. You can just follow the instructions and relax. Enjoy creating a masterpiece of your pet. It’s relaxing and mindful and tiny bit challenging!
girl with a pearl earring painting by numbers kit

Old Masters

Click the pic for details of our wonderful new oil painting kit, ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

In the kit are 40 tubes of hand mixed oil paints and everything you need to recreate this masterpiece by Vermeer

NEW !! -we have just added Raphael’s ‘Cherubs’ in two versions. Click the pic for details.

Available to buy now for speedy delivery