Turn your photo into a painting by numbers kit

original photo for cat painting kit a Main Coon in the garden

From this photo

This is the original snapshot that was sent to us.

a paint by numbers painting of a Main Coon cat

To this painting

This was painted by a 16 year old using our painting kit. With a little care and patience, the results are wonderful!

Our custom painting kits

Our custom painting kits include everything you need to create a wonderful oil painting. They are based on photos, using a mixture of computer technology and drawing by eye, to get the details correct. We use hand mixed artists’ oil paints, which can be blended and smudged to create seamless and professional looking tones. The detailed template is printed on specialist oil painting paper. You need to take your time completing them to get the best results.

It’s restful, yet challenging and mildly addictive.

So is this painting by numbers?

Yes, but so much better than the cheap acrylic kits that you can buy. Our kits are carefully created and adjusted until the painting its the very best it can look from the photo.

“We can’t believe the accuracy, detail, and quality of the painting. It’s such a clever idea and works amazingly well. We’re really pleased with the result and the picture is pride of place in our lounge. The best gift we’ve ever had”
Caroline in Fareham

Why our kits make such fabulous gifts

‘Painted by You’ painting by number kits provide the perfect creative solution for those ‘hard to buy for’ loved ones.

They make wonderful birthday, anniversary and wedding gifts.

We provide everything required for the lucky recipient to paint a fantastic picture from a photograph. The wonderful lustrous oil paints will enable them to create a unique and lasting souvenir of a special occasion, person or event.

Read more about gift options here

custom painting kits from photo portrait paint by number
Our kits are suitable for almost anyone – both beginners and people who’ve done some painting before. You need a steady hand and good eyesight to get the best results. We don’t recommend them for children under about 14. If you are not sure you will enjoy our kits, take a look at our money back guarantee.
old golden retriever painting by numbers
You can choose between a stylish monochrome version (wonderful for vintage images) or a full colour kit.