We hand fill our paint tubes with the best quality oil paints.

Why oil paints?

We love oil paints because they are surprisingly easy to use. They dry slowly so you can blend the edges of colours together. If you make a mistake you can wipe it off or go over it later. The colours stay fresh and vibrant for many years.

We hand mix our colours from high quality oil paints that are made in the UK. The base of the paint is refined linseed oil, with a variety of pigments. We do not use any cadmium based colours. If you’ve painted with oils before you’ll remember the distinct homely, arty linseed smell.

Our wide range of colours are carefully hand mixed to provide a subtle gradation of tones for all your picture’s requirements. We have over 22 skin tones alone and these subtle shades result in an astonishingly interesting and beautiful picture.

Using oil paints

The paints are safe to use, environmentally friendly and are easy to clean up if you have a smudge where its not supposed to be. Use kitchen towel and a little white spirit, but be careful not to get any on your clothes or soft furnishings as they may stain.

When changing from a light to dark colour you can simply wipe your brush with kitchen towel. You can even use a little vegetable oil to clean up brushes between different colours. Then gently clean brushes with washing up liquid at the end of each painting session. Thinners such as white spirit quickly remove all paint residues from your brushes, if you prefer.

paint by numbers oil paint in tubes