Why choose us? We may not be the cheapest, but certainly are the best.

From your photo… to your painting

We use oil paints not acrylics!

Other paint by numbers kits use acrylic paints. They dry quickly and have a flat blocky ‘pop art’ look. The pots of paint can dry out and so the kits need to be completed with in a shorter time. Our kits use tubes of artist quality oil paints that stay fresh for years. When applied to the painting they dry slowly, so you can blend the edges together creating an amazing painting. Some of our customers like to paint little now and again and take months to complete their paintings – others get addicted and can’t put their brush down.

Totally hand made in the UK.

Before you spend hours completing your painting we spend hours preparing your kit.
Initially the photo is analysed by our computer program. but then the real work begins. Lorna who trained as a fine artist, carefully draws in any missing details and adjusts the colours to create a harmonious finished image. An artwork can take over two hours to come to life.

Speak to us!

If you have special requests you can email or speak to us in person. Other companies outsource their artwork to China.

Delivery time

We deliver straight from our studio in Folkestone so UK orders can be with you in just a few days.

A photo of a man painting a painting by numbers for adults self portrait

We love this musician’s self-portrait. This is what he said:
“Very pleased with how my painting turned out. It took some tweaking to get the colors just right, but Lorna took the time to do it. Thanks! This was the first time I had worked with oils. I now prefer oil paints over acrylic”

a man and a woman painting a painting by numbers for adults picture of themselves and a puppy

Painted by You is run by Martin and Lorna with a little help from Rio. All our products are hand made in our Studio in Folkestone. We LOVE creating these painting by numbers for adults and are sure you will enjoy them too!