What’s in the box?

Everything you need is included


We are really proud of our paints! Full colour kits contains between 28 and 35 tubes of high quality hand mixed oil paint. We have a huge colour range so we can select the best colours for your image. For example we have over 22 skin colours! Most kits require no mixing – every colour will be supplied. Occasionally to get the full subtlety of a colour we will ask you to mix two of your colours together. Full details on this are in the instructions.

Painting template

Your template is printed on specialist oil painting paper. They are detailed and can be a bit scary to look at, but you soon get the hang of it!


We include two fine paint brushes.

Mounting board and clips

To hold your template.

Table top easel

Optional but not essential. However, painting is more comfortable if your template is upright. The easels are also a handy way of displaying your finished artwork.

personalised paint by numbers kit
Close up of an eye. Detail of a photo for a paint by numbers

The original photo

It’s a good idea to refer to the photo as you paint.

personalised painting by numbers close up of template

Expanded image.

This is a copy of your painting template scaled up in size for closer inspection of the ‘fiddly’ bits

table top display easel

A3 table top easel