Q. How much do they cost?

Monochrome kits are £49.95, full colour kits are £99.95

Q. How big are they

The specialist oil paper the kit is printed onto is 32.5cm x 50cm. So the size of the painting will fit into these sizes. For example if you have a square picture it will be 32cm x 32cm. If you have a longer image it could be up to 32cm x 50cm

Q. What is a painting kit?

A Painted By You painting kit is a beautiful and creative way to recreate your favourite photo – whether it’s a pet, family member or even favourite aircraft. Simply send us your photo and we will create your very own personalised kit. The end result of your efforts is that you will have a lasting image of your favourite subject, recreated in beautiful lustrous oil paints.

Q. Is my photo suitable?

Take a look here for choosing a photo tips.

Q. How do I buy a personalised kit?

Just go to the ‘Order a personalised kit’  section of the shop and select from the available options. You can upload your chosen photo after checkout.

Q. So if I buy a kit, what do I get?

  • a full colour kit has between 20 and 40 tubes of hand-mixed oil paint, depending on the colours in your photo. A monochrome kit has 16 tubes.
  • paint brushes
  • a highly detailed template, printed on specialist oil painting paper.
  • a picture so you can see how the painting will look when finished
  • an expanded image of your template so that you can see some of the finer detail
  • a firm board and clips to attach your painting to whilst you paint it

Q. I have never used oil paints before. Is it difficult?

No it’s really easy. You just need a little patience, a fairly steady hand and the materials that we provide.

Q. How long will it take to paint the kit?

It depends on the size and complexity of your subject- as well as how fast you paint. As a guide, the Spitfire kit took a fairly quick painter about 10 hours. A complicated kit with a careful painter might take 40 hours.

Q. I think the colours of my kit are slightly different to what I was expecting.

It is impossible for us to supply an exact match of every shade of colour for every kit we make. Rest assured that we expertly control what we are doing so that you get the best possible result. The colour matching is not an industrial process – a skilled designer will assess your submitted photo and come up with the best possible colour range for your subject.

The other factor that affects colour is the difference in shade that results when looking from printed picture to screen. And then from one screen to another screen. And then from screen to paint mixing. But we try really hard to achieve the best results and if you start your kit and are not happy we will offer you a refund as detailed below and on our Money Back Guarantee page.

Q. I am working on my painting and the colours look all smudgy!

When you work with oil paints then the close up view is often a textured, smudgy look. And so are nearly all the old-masters hanging in art galleries worldwide. Once you step back a few feet the impression is completely different and you can see your personal ‘old-master’ really taking shape. It’s a very satisfying experience.

Q. What if I don’t like my kit – can I have my money back?

Don’t worry if you are not sure about buying one of our kits – if you don’t enjoy painting it, or are unhappy with your results,  we offer a Money Back Guarantee. All we ask is that you do give your kit a genuine try before returning it, and we will refund the price. That’s it, no question!