original photo for painting by numbers for adults kit
painting by numbers for adults kit in progress
Finished painting by numbers for adults of wedding

Painting by numbers for adults

Our painting by numbers kits are different to others in several ways.

Our Paints

We have developed a unique colour system that allows us to supply a really wide range of colours – we have 18 skin shades alone! This allows us to create a subtle range of tones in a painting. We also mix special one off colours for kits if necessary.

Other kits contain acrylic paint which dries quickly and gives a flat ‘pop-art’ feel to the painting. Our hand mixed oil paints are wonderfully rich and lustrous. They remain soft for a few days so that you can blend the shades together to create a subtley shaded painting.

You can order our Paint by numbers for adults kits from here.


Our painting templates


When we make a kit from a photo, there is a whole technical and artistic process that starts. It is not simply a ‘one click’ interpretation by a piece of software. Our designer looks carefully at the submitted image and creates an optimised and practical version that will translate into a wonderful painting.

Our painting templates are finely detailed and, due to this fine detail and our wide range of colours, you can create an amazingly lifelike image.

painting by numbers for adults eye template
paint by numbers for adults kit of mo