Customers’ personalised painting by numbers from a photo

A nostalgic postwar image

vintage black and white photo of man and lorry taken around 1949

Vintage photo

This is a scan of an original 1950’s photo
painting by numbers finished painting based on vintage image of man and lorry taken around 1949

Finished painting

The finished painting in shades of grey measured 32 x 42 cm. Apparently it became a real talking point.
personalised painting by numbers from a photo in oils of a girl paddling in the river mole in brockham surrey

Paddling in the river

This was the first painting Kerry had ever attempted and she did a fabulous job. Taking her time, filling in a little now and again she created this lovely painting over a period of several months. Click on the image below to see how carefully she painted the details and the thick texture of the oil paints.
close up of oil painting by numbers
river mole in Brockham surrey painted with a personalised painting by numbers from a photo
My kit is truly spectacular, the detail is immense and the results are out of this world.

I am seriously addicted !


Sherleen from Northumbria

Family portraits

family portraits painted from photos using personalised painting by numbers kits

By now Kerry had got the painting bug

Her next project was a series of family portraits of each of her four children. She patiently completed the faces but left the backgrounds blank. She explained that she wanted to wait and then complete them all with a colour that would complement her interior decor.
close up texture of oil paints on paint by numbers

Close up

Notice how Kerry has blended the edges of skin tone paints together.
young boy's portrait painted by numbers

My mum painted this!

Her youngest son is delighted with his portrait. We’d like to thank Kerry for supplying these lovely photos of her art.
I can’t think of a single negative comment to give you……

It’s a perfect likeness of my very handsome kitty cat and I enjoyed creating him so much. I found myself painting ‘just that section one more’ because I wanted him to have a nose to go with his lifelike little eye…


A delightful pet portrait by a complete beginner.

golden retriever asleep

Martin wanted a souvenir of his lovely old golden retriever

So he sent us this sweet photo of Jack sound asleep in his bed. Notice that it is really well focussed – you can see the texture of the fur really clearly. This is important for a good painting.
start of painting by number of golden retriever

Beginning the painting

So we supplied everything he needed to paint Jack’s picture. Martin had never painted anything (apart from walls) before, and he explained that found the template a little daunting at first. However, he kept going…
nearly finished golden retriever paint by numbers

Almost finished

Once he’d got the swing of it, he says he found it hard to put down his brush! Martin spent quite a few happy hours creating Jack in art-form.
spitfire painting by numbers

Next painting

Martin is delighted with his painting and he’s already started on his next one – a spitfire!

A black and white holiday snapshot

Original photo

Original photo

A nicely lit black and white holiday snapshot.
Cropped photo

The photo cropped down

We cropped the image down a little and adjusted the contrast to design the artwork.
personalised painting kit of holiday snapshot

Finished painting

Completed using our ‘shades of grey’ paints